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Reed House | Residential Design
Daniel Goldner Architects

Located in 3060 Broadway, New York City, Reed House provides a unique living and working space for creative individuals. Other than its studio apartment and two bedrooms apartments, it also includes a gym, co-working space, dog wash station, bike room. What set the Reed House apart from the nearby apartment is that its residents have access to various outdoor space. Like, sun-bathing zone, rooftop yoga area, rear courtyard entertainment space, center courtyard co-working space.

This project is also the first project I played the role of the lead interior designer, reporting directly to the firm's president.


This project challenges the form of the traditional bookshelf and to create a system which could display the book as a way to attract readers.


This project pays special attention to building materiality. Its usage of bent bamboo and cork showcases another method of creating a beautiful and functional space with sustainability in mind, hoping to create a dialog of eco-friendly design. 

110 E 69th St | Healthcare Design
Daniel Goldner Architects

110 East 69th St is located in Lenox Hill, upper Manhattan, which is homes for several hospitals and hospices. This building is also a healthcare center packed with doctor offices and pharmacies. 


Looking at the rooftop material through a camera frame, we start seeing them as a piece of artwork. Inspired by this phenomenon, a framing system could be ideal for the hospice project because, for patients in this hospice, every detail of their life should be treated with attention, for all of them shall be celebrated. The framing system allows the patient to focus on the beauty of their everyday life, to treasure all those moments of their reminding time.


Utilizing their different senses, especially those beyond visual, How one gain a holistic understanding of their being while exploring the therapeutical spaces and the tactility within. In this physical therapy center, the patient is challenged to stay active while receiving a sense of comfort from the interior and feel being supported emotionally.

Raid Juz | Hostel in Fez Morocco

Group Project:

Abigail Nagy; Amy Catharine Davis; Emily Roise; Katrina Wang; Hanyi Zhang;

Hee Tak Jung; Raghav Pahuja; Sally(Bingfeng) Song; Sanghee Seok; Stephany Kim

To celebrate existing condition of the site, and for better light quality and air circulation, we create a program based on the vertical opening, and designed a screen to reinforce the importance of this traditional architecture: “Raid”.


Family dinner, dancing, the party are some of the social activities that the family hosts. Those activities not only happen in the living room, it also happens in the staircase, children play area and hallway. Dancing through space as the concept allowing not only the interaction between people also the interaction between the space to assist the family to socialize with each other better.




A boundary is created by the display of commodities, its fluidity leads shoppers to wander around the space. By doing so, the display itself becomes a directory. Different layers are created to enrich shopper experience. Those layers shift from horizontal to vertical, from planer to volumetric and vice versa, which contributes to the sense of transformation within the space.



A portable Partition designed for visual and acoustic privacy.


Landscape | Hardworking Movie

The landscape allows the connections of surfaces which create a fluid connection of spaces and programs so that the spaces are mostly open but still separate different programs. Also, the changing thicknesses of the surfaces create more opportunities for various activities. 


How to gain a better understanding of our body concept during the daily routine as ordinary as getting dressed? 

The five senses idea is also applied to this garment. There are zippers in different length that be used to change the clothing style, size and to reflect temperature, the user’s body shape, and their current mood. There are different types of fabric with various thickness. Certain body movements expose the thin fabric stitched inside the cut. There is temperature change by this movement. Therefore, the user could have a direct sensation experience. The white fabric indicates the silhouette of the user’s body. The black fabric is utilized to imply the thickness of their body. Thus, the user could understand their body three-dimensionally.


Watercolor, Oil Painting, Drawing, Collage, Sculpture

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